March Violets-related Links

There are very few March Violets websites out there, and those we can find seem to be in a state of neglect. Nonetheless, here's a collection of Violets-related links for you to explore:

The Radiant Lodge (Facebook Group)

The March Violets official Facebook group, run by Tom with input from Si and Rosie.

March Violets official MySpace Site

In preparation for their reunion the band have created this MySpace page, complete with audio snippets, news of their eagerly anticipated reunion gig, and all the usual stuff that MySpace sites come with... Join their friends list now!!


As mentioned elsewhere on this site, Tom created this created this personal website in 2000, and it promised to be a great source of information, photographs and gossip. In 2001 Tom relocated to the States and began his new project The Multiverse (see below) and stopped working on his old site. He has kindly given us a copy of the March Violets section of his old site so we can host an archive here at

Update: Site now offline

The Multiverse

Tom Ashton's solo project The Multiverse now looks like the project may have been shelved in favour of the recent Violets reunion. Tom's previous website Tom@shton@Home is now hosted at (see above)

Ian Grimstead's Sisters of Mercy site

Ian Grimstead deemed The March Violets worthy of their own section on his expansive The Sisters of Mercy website. Now sadly neglected, for a long time this was the only MV website to be found on the internet.

Jazz Wank

Simon Denbigh's current day job: "It's not jazz, and it's not wank, it's more a way of life..."

Rosie Garland's current day job as Manchester's self-styled "Vampire Queen and undead performer extraordinaire".

"New Wave Photos" by Phillip Carly

Phillip has been taking very cool photographs of very cool bands for a number of years. He has a surprising number of Violets live photos from 1984/1985 on his site. You really should explore his site completely as there are some gems to found amongst his massive archive.

The March Violets at "All Music"

A nice biography and a handy set of links to the various band members' other projects.

Batfish Boys at "The Gothic Music Handbook"

A short entry in someone's personal A-Z of Goth. Worthy of note purely for this comment: "Kind of a biker band with the most killer pop instincts you've ever heard." We agree.

The Sisters Of Mercy official homepage

Simon's other day job involves pressing buttons and fading faders for Doktor Avalanche, The Sisters' drum machine. Find out when you can catch him in action via The Sisters' website...

Simon Denbigh at "Figures In The Smoke"

Simon's second day job earns him a profile on this Sisters fansite dedicated to The Sisters' backroom boys.

March Violets pin badges

A bizarre site selling pin badges of the March Violets, with what appears to be the artwork from "Turn To The Sky". Ummmm, ok.

Reading Festival 1980s

Thanks to Giaco for sending in this URL. Reading Festival 1980s has photos of various bands that have played the festival during the '80s, including The March Violets, The Mission and Hawkwind.