Unreleased Tracks

There were a number of tracks written by the band that never received an official release. Most were only ever played live, but some were recorded for BBC sessions or for personal demos. Below is a list of unreleased tracks we are aware of:

Key: - radio session or demo recordings exist

  • Kill The Delight
  • Love In A Nightmare
  • Big Soul Kiss
  • Don't Take It Lightly
  • Face Of The Dragonfly
  • Burning Through
  • Rich Man / Rich City
  • Love Hits
  • Leave In Silence
  • Silver Lining
  • Gold
  • Avalanche Of Love (cover of a Golden Earring track)
  • In Your Eyes (also introduced live as "Buy The T-Shirt"!)
  • Mirror Blue Rose / Miracle Of The Rose
  • You Make My Heart Grow Cold

We've also been contacted by a Violets fan who informs us that he has recordings of the following tracks. Quite a few of them are later tracks recorded for London Records and intended for the album that was never released. Some of them might also be listed under different title above (Thanks Antony!).

  • Cold Blue Breakdown
  • Temptation
  • Medicine
  • High Times
  • Close to the Heart
  • South Country
  • One Cut
  • Out of this World
  • Flames of Love
  • Wonderland

Tom Ashton has recently begun making available MP3s of rare March Violets demos and unreleased material, via his TheMultiverse.org website - keep your eye on his MP3s page for continuing additions to the archive. Tom seems to have removed his Multiverse website and is now focussing on the Multiverse and March Violets MySpace & Facebook pages (linked here).

If you have anything to add, or can elaborate on any of the above song titles, please contact us so we can update our details.