Albums > Made Glorious (Bonus Disc)

Track Listing:

  1. Dandelion King ~ Mark GT
  2. Liam Hits Seven ~ March Violets
  3. We Are All Gods ~ Skin Job
  4. Black Heart ~ Latexxx Teens feat. Rosie
  5. Road Of Bones ~ Kitty Lectro
  6. We Are All Gods ~ Frank Heiss
  7. London's Drowning ~ Dangerously Close
  8. Billion3 ~ Kitty Lectro
  9. Discoboy Must Die ~ DBF
  10. Road Of Bones ~ Scant Regard
  11. We Are All Gods ~ Eskil Covenant
  12. Little Punk Thing ~ Monica

Format: Compact Disc
Catalogue Number: N/A
Label: N/A
Year: 2013

Notes: Exclusive bionus disc only available with early versions of the Made Glorious album.

Some explanation

And many many thanks to our friends who mixed it up. Ta xxxx.

1. DANDELION KING ~ MARK GT ~ Remixed by Mark Gemini Thwaite, mastered by Maor Appelbaum. An old mate and seriously top chap, Mark was guitarist in the Mission, and can be seen on stage with Peter Murphy and Gary Numan amongst others. Check out all the other interesting stuff he gets up to at his web site: www.markthwaite.com.

2. LIAM HITS SEVEN ~VIOLETS ~ Written for Liam Slawsby, for his Seventh Birthday, as a pledge from his lovely dad, Todd

3.WE ARE ALL GODS ~ SKINJOB ~ Mac guru and electronic wizard ~ www.skinjob.co.uk

4. BLACK HEART ~ LATEXXX TEENS feat ROSIE ~ SI ~ A remix by Si for the Japanese album ‘Adrenochrome Redux’, ℗ & © 2011 Deathwatch Asia, big thanks to the Latexxx Teens and Jamie Nova

5. ROAD OF BONES ~ KITTY LECTRO ~ A rather fabulous psychotic psychedelic dub version, by the equally fabulous Kitty Lectro, ace remixer and DJ. If you like it dark and twisty, www.KittyLectro.com is loaded with more great stuff.

6. WE ARE ALL GODS ~ FRANK HEISS ~ An old American friend and Sonic Sorcerer from Si’s electronic Cologne days, Frank came on a US tour with the Sisters where he stole everyone’s lighters. A classically trained timpanist and cool drummer, Heissmusik is his latest project and damn fine too: www.heissmusik.com

7. LONDON’S DROWNING ~ DANGEROUSLY CLOSE ~ Muzz Dangerously Close, or Murray as Si knew him when he was in Sheffield legends Artery, was a guitarist in the Batfish Boys. Is currently playing with various bands, Djing, makes rather groovy and accurate replica punk clothes, and has a new solo album underway. www.dangerouslyclose.tv

8. BILLION3 ~ KITTY LECTRO ~ Another cool mix from Kitty.

9. DISCOBOY MUST DIE ~ DBF ~ A turbulent mix by mysterious French artist Michael.

10. ROAD OF BONES ~ SCANT REGARD ~ Will Crewdson, has played guitar with Adam and the Ants, Bow Wow Wow, Rachel Stamp, Flesh for Lulu (now reborn for 2013) where he originally met Tom, Peter Murphy, and the list goes on! For the full and impressive CV, and to check out his solo project, Scant Regard, go to www.scantregard.com

11. WE ARE ALL GODS ~ ESKIL COVENANT ~ A rare mix by Eskil Simonsson, top bloke and lead singer with Covenant, who have just just released a new EP ‘Last Dance’ and are working on a new album. www.covenant.de

12. LITTLE PUNK THING ~ MONICA ~ Existential Diva from Faith And The Muse, lovely Monica Richards is currently creating a new solo album. You can contribute to it’s making and find out lots more groovy news at www.monicarichards.com

All tracks Copyright Control 2013, except mix 4: ℗ & © 2011 Deathwatch Asia.