Albums > Electric Shades

Track Listing:

  • A1. Snake Dance
  • A2. Slow Drip Lizard
  • A3. Walk Into The Sun
  • A4. Eldorado
  • B1. Deep
  • B2. Electric Shades Part I
  • B3. Electric Shades Part II: Lights Go Out
  • B4. Electric Shades Part III: Essence


  • Simon Denbigh - vocals
  • Cleo Murray - vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Tom Ashton - lead guitar and 12 string
  • Laurence Elliot - bass, piano and Linn drum

Format: Vinyl LP
Catalogue Number: EMC 8039
Label: Relativity Records
Year: 1985

Notes: US import compilation album of their post-Natural History singles.
Includes remixed version of Snake Dance with new piano.

Electric Shades