Where Are They Now?

The short answer is here:

And now on Facebook.

The original answer, now rendered slightly obsolete, is below...

As with all bands, break ups can be messy and protracted. The March Violets' split happened over a period of time, in a number of phases: Cleo was brought in to replace Rosie as second vocalist, Simon was edged out as Cleo's profile increased and the band strived to conquer the USA. Eventually reduced to just Cleo, Tom and Loz, the band called it quits sometime after their appearance on the soundtrack to the John Hughes film Some Kind of Wonderful.

The former band members have long since gone their separate ways, with most dropping out of the public eye altogether. We have endeavoured to list each member's activities after the split. If you have anything to add, please contact us so we can update our details.

Simon Denbigh (aka Simon Detroit/Simon D) - vocals

After leaving the band Simon formed The Batfish Boys. They split in 1990 and Simon formed a band called D-Rock. Sadly, we are unable to find any information about D-Rock. Simon resurfaced in 1997 as Drum Machine Technician for old label-mates The Sisters of Mercy. Operating under the title of Nurse to the Doktor, Simon spends his time touring the globe with The Sisters, pressing buttons, sliding faders and generally making the howling maelstrom that is The Sisters' live experience into something vaguely listenable. When The Sisters' gonzoid amphetamine circus isn't on the road Simon can be found back at home in Leeds where he runs his own record label, Jazz Wank.

Tom Ashton - guitar

Tom now lives in the United States (Atlanta, Georgia to be more precise) with his wife and their two young children. After the Violets' split Tom remained working in the music industry, working on soundtracks for film and television, and playing guitar in Hard Rain and then [Clan Of] Xymox.

He continues to work as a freelance musician and is currently working on a new music project called THE MULTIVERSE. They have a CD available through the website, track titles include "Pretty Wish", "Missile" and "New Friend". We've heard it and recommend that you buy it. It's superb. At present The Multiverse is a solo project but it sounds like he isn't ruling out the possibility of recruiting other members. More details of his musical activities can be found under The Multiverse's Biog page.

In August 2000 Tom uploaded his Tom@shton@Home personal website. This site contained a section dedicated to his time in The March Violets and we thought it made very interesting reading. However, with his relocation to the States and his new Multiverse project, Tom has decided to take the Tom@shton@Home website offline, but aware of its "historical significance" he has kindly offered a copy of the site. Naturally, we have agreed to host this archive/mirror of the old site for your perusal and edification. You can find it here: Tom@shton@Home

Laurence "Loz" Elliott - bass guitar

We have been in contact from Laurence, who is now living in London and running his own business. He has left the music industry, stating that he "just didnt think The March Violets could be followed". He does admit to picking up the bass every now and again though...

On the whereabouts of other ex-members of the band, he has this to say:

"As far as i know, Cleo runs a stall in Portobello Road (London).
Andrew Tolson dropped out of sight, probably going back to his native Canada."

He has also very kindly offered to provide March Violets material for us to put on this site.

Rosie Garland - vocals

We heard that Rosie might have been working as a missionary in Africa at some point, but our source wasn't exactly reliable. In fact, recent enquiries have thrown up this rather curious website. It appears that Rosie Lugosi (as she is now known - see this autograph) is Manchester's self-styled "Lesbian Vampire poet", and a recording artist for Switchflicker Records . We wish her the best of luck with her career. Thanks to Bela Lugosi's Dad (!) for the tip-off.

We've since heard from Rosie... here's what she had to say:

"Yup, your information is correct, and I now perform as Rosie Lugosi (as well as writing short stories/comedy/organising fetish events/blah blah). However, the only other word in the paragraph about me which is genuine is 'Africa'... at least your informant got the right continent!"

We've asked Rosie to supply a more detailed history, if she feels its appropriate. In the meantime, we happen to like the current one which we feel is suitably enigmatic.

Cleo Murray - vocals/guitar

Other than a brief stint with a band called Lovecraft around 1993, who recorded a single for an indie off-shoot of the Acid Jazz label, not much else is known about Cleo's whereabouts or activities after the Violets' split. If you know, or if Cleo is reading this, please drop us an email.

Andy Tolson - drums

We recently received and email from Andy, updating us on his post-Violets activities and his current whereabouts:

"After the Violets, I went on to do gigs and session work with bands around London, the most notable being with ex Magazine keyboardist Dave Formula. In 1989 I moved back to Canada, enrolled in journalism school and for ten years worked as a photojournalist in both the UK and Canada. Currently, I am director of photography at Maclean's Magazine, Canada's newsweekly. I live in Toronto with my wife Melody and two year old daughter, Emma and still regularly play the drums in a quasi-cover band called The Tipsy Kings."

Cheers Andy! We wish you and your family all the best, and good luck with The Tipsy Kings!